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About the Law Office of Richard Gins

Richard Gins has long been recognized as one of the most active bankruptcy attorneys in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Mr. Gins has been representing debtors and creditors in bankruptcy courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia for over 35 years.



Having practiced in the Washington metro area for over 40 years you won’t find a more seasoned attorney who understands the laws and process to achieving a successful outcome.



Richard Gins takes it upon himself to treat each client as if they were his only client. He understands that when he is retained it can be a very trying time for his client and he will fight to insure the best possible outcome in every case.



You can be assured that if you select The Law Office of Richard H. Gins that your work won’t be tasked to a young associate but will be handled by Mr. Gins himself in the same manor that he has handled hundreds of past cases.